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We will contact you by email following receipt of your completed questionnaire:

1. Were you employed during the tax year (6th April - 5th April).?

Yes     No

2. Did you receive any benefits during your employment? Yes     No

3. Were you a director or a shareholder? Yes     No

4.a Were you self employed during the tax year.? Yes     No

4a. What was the nature of your self employment?

5. If you are self employed are you able to submit your income and expenditure in a spreadsheet? Yes    No

6. If you are self employed was your turnover for the year more than £15,000? Yes    No

7. Did you receive any income from share dividends and/or bank interest? Yes    No

8. Did you receive any income from rental properties? Yes     No

8a. No. of properties rented out?

9. Did you receive any income from overseas? Yes    No

10. Did you receive any income from a deceased persons estate? Yes    No

11. Did you dispose of any assets eg shares or property (not including your own house)? Yes    No

12. Were you resident in the UK for the full tax year? Yes    No

13. Did you have any other form of income? Yes    No

13a. Please supply details of your other income

14. Did you pay any contributions in to a personal pension? Yes    No

15. Did you receive a retirement pension (state or personal)? Yes    No